PPF is a high–gloss product which enhances the paint on the vehicle by giving it shiny and polished looks.

PPF helps to maintain your vehicle’s appearance. It protects the vehicle from the damage caused by various agents such as bugs, climatic change and various chemicals.

Clear bra paint protects the surface, which is vulnerable to the bug’s damage, withering from climatic change and abrasion.

The film used in PPF is optically clear, we try to wrap all edges we can to avoid any unsightly edges, It enhances the exterior look of the vehicle. Cleaning and washing of vehicle can be done same as before just we warn clients about using pressure washers near edges due to lifting the film

There are no side effects of clear bra paint on your vehicle. Over time, if you want to remove, it is easy to remove from the vehicle without any damage done

Harmful rays of the sun whither the paint. PPF allows paint to age naturally by helping to prevent discoloration before the time.

PPF is the protective film that helps to protect the surface of the vehicle and saves the cost used for repairing the damage.
So, the bottom line is, use of PPF ensures to lessen the damage on the exterior of the vehicle and is a positive start towards protection of your vehicle.